Learning pathways

A learning pathway is a kind of route map that guides a staff member through all the logical and relevant learning activities that are suitable for a certain job group. It provides you with a useful overview of all the learning activities that could benefit you in your job.

Developing your skills within your current job

A learning pathway begins with the elements that are essential for your job and continues through learning activities aimed at broader or more specialised knowledge or skills. Learning does not only take place in educational settings, so alongside conventional learning activities such as courses and workshops, a learning pathway also suggests books and articles to read, other sources of information and gives tips for peer coaching and internships.

Within a learning pathway you make personal choices based on your own needs. This means a colleague in the same job as you will probably follow a different learning route. Please note: a learning pathway is designed to support your development in your current job.

Learning pathways (available in Dutch)

Learning pathways are currently available for several job groups. You'll find them below in alphabetical order. These learning pathways are currently only available in Dutch. If you would like a ‘sneak peek’, you can read more about them (in Dutch) on the Academy’s website. You will have to log in first.

Learning pathway Q&As