01 January Learning activities Diversity & Inclusion

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What is an inclusive, supportive work culture? What do we mean by integrity, authenticity and inclusion? What do we need from one another and how do you bring it into practice? You can learn this and more at the Inclusion Plaza.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is striving to be a colorful and ethical organisation with an inclusive, socially safe work culture. One where everyone is accepted and feels like they really belong, and where authenticity is embraced. However, this work culture doesn't create itself. Becoming aware of our differences is the starting point for encouraging mutual understanding, respect and appreciation. These values also form the basis for integrity, together with clear norms on how to collaborate with each other and how to approach our work. Thus diversity, inclusion, integrity and a safe, supportive work environment go hand in hand.


In the Inclusion Plaza you will find learning activities for MFA-staff at a mission or in The Hague. Other staff of the Dutch government can participate in limited activities. Log in to enroll.