Learn and develop, also during the Corona crisis

As an academy, we are committed to providing international expertise for colleagues working in the international arena. This year the academy celebrates its first lustrum, an excellent moment to look back but also to look forward.

The knowledge requirements of BZ determine our offer. We organize annual low-threshold, high-quality knowledge transfer for over 11.000 colleagues in The Hague, at the missions and for the central government official.

Essential skills for working remotely

When working and learning is done remotely, it is particularly important to improve your personal skills. Skills that previously seemed less relevant are now  indispensable. Think of giving a clear presentation where you need to convince your audience or improve your intercultural skills because you need to lead an international project team.

Keep learning

Just a few examples from the practice the academy advises and supports you. For professional training you are also at the right address. Our wide range of online learning activities is available at any time. Check out our curriculum (please log in first), or contact the Academy if you would like to know more about a particular learning activity.

Invest in yourself, give your personal development space and priority. You will benefit and contribute to greater work pleasure and productivity!