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The Academy for International Relations helps central government staff with an international role to learn and develop. We provide learning activities in both Dutch and English, geared to staff with an international role at every stage in their career.


The Academy for International Relations’ learning activities fall into three categories:

  1. International and diplomatic curriculum
  2. Personal development
  3. Lectures and lecture series

Below you will find some examples of learning activities within the various categories and sub-categories. This will make it easier to find your way in all of our learning activities.

For a complete, up-to-date overview of learning activities, go to the online catalogue. BZ staff can log in to access the full list of learning activities.

In addition, on this page you will also find information about other learning options, conditions and rules of play for learning at BZ.

1. International and diplomatic curriculum

This part of the curriculum is geared to developing knowledge and skills for jobs with an international focus. Topics include trade and investment promotion, gender, migration, EU policy, religion and various regional studies. Many of the courses are open to civil servants from across central government.

See below for learning activities that are both useful and necessary if you have an international role.

2. Personal development: ‘this is how we work at BZ’

BZ staff are committed and want to excel in their field. But these days, you need more than expertise in your own field. Make sure that you develop other skills and keep them up-to-date.

The learning activities within themes like ‘personal leadership & cooperation’, ‘digital skills’, ‘diversity & inclusion (D&I)’ and ‘leadership & management’ focus specifically on the professional development of all BZ staff, whether they work at the ministry in The Hague or at the missions.

View the complete, up-to-date list of learning activities for BZ staff (don’t forget to log in).

3. Lectures and lecture series

In addition to its broad curriculum, every month the Academy organises lectures and lecture series on current, overarching, international topics, relevant to all of BZ, and tying in with BZ’s strategic themes. The lectures combine academic research with policy and practice. They are given online, making them inclusive and accessible to all BZ staff members in The Hague and at the missions. Topics include climate diplomacy, vaccine diplomacy, technology diplomacy, post-Brexit relations, opinions of the Advisory Council on International Affairs, the SDGs, economic security, geopolitics, conversations with senior diplomats, conversations with Dutch nationals in senior jobs in international organisations and Pearls of Wisdom.

View all lectures and lecture series (log in for BZ learning activities).

Other learning opportunities: getting a PhD at BZ

View the options for combining your work at BZ with a scientific PhD track.

Information and conditions for learning at BZ

Read about education support, conditions and rules of play for learning at BZ.

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