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About the Academy

About the Academy

The Academy for International Relations helps BZ staff and other central government employees with international roles to learn and develop. The Academy was set up by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2015, as part of the central government campus (Rijkscampus). Our work ties in with the government-wide learning and development strategy.

Provider, Platform, Compass

The Academy works in three distinct roles to achieve its mission.

  • In the role of provider, each year we organise more than 250 accessible, high-quality, multi-lingual learning activities for over 10,000 staff members working in international roles. We also organise lectures and network meetings on issues of current interest in collaboration with both internal and external specialists. Our learning activities tie in closely with the ministry’s strategic goals and are up-to-date, relevant and geared to the future.
  • In the role of platform, we connect expertise and staff members within BZ, government-wide and worldwide with a robust digital infrastructure, where the learning needs of internal and external parties converge. The Academy is helping BZ to develop the qualities characteristic of a learning organisation.
  • In the role of learning compass, we steer our ministry in the direction of necessary and relevant trends in learning and development, and we promote an open learning climate. To this end, we work together with other parts of BZ and within the Central Government that specialize in knowledge and skills, learning and development. This enables us to embed the vision and strategy for learning and development within BZ and for and for our national colleagues in the international and diplomatic field.we advise BZ in identifying learning and development needs. We steer the ministry towards essential and relevant learning and development trends, and promote an open learning climate. We work with other part of BZ that focus on knowledge and skills, and learning and development, anchoring the government-wide learning and development strategy within BZ.

Learning climate

BZ is a learning organisation, to keep our organisation agile, flexible and competent. The Academy cannot create a good learning climate on its own, but only in collaboration with senior management, managers and staff, each with their own responsibilities. Our viewpoint on learning and development is our guideline.

Framework of reference

In developing and procuring learning activities, we work within a framework of reference.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council acts as a sparring partner and sounding board for the Academy team.

Groepsfoto Academie voor Internationale Betrekkingen
Image: ©Academie
From left to right upper row: Anjalie Ramkisor, Tamara Sturing, Gina Meertens, Babet Mooij, Rianne Zulfiqar - Wezendonk, Hind Ribeiro - Bidaoui, Jan Willem Naphegyi - Schouw, Sandra Kroes. From left to right row below: Frederik Birnie, Mirella van de Noort - Tijhaar, Loes Vonk, Henny Schippers, Janet Klaassen, Natasja Nikolić, Rik Reuvekamp, Irene Kessels.