About the academy

The Academy for International Relations is a training institution for central government employees. It is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Academy delivers a large number of continuing professional development courses for central government employees working in international relations.

Diplomacy is a rewarding profession

There are many advantages to working for the Netherlands worldwide, but it also requires flexibility, a lot of energy and knowledge. All central government employees whose work relates to international issues are actively involved in diplomacy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to bring together the knowledge and experience of its own staff with that of other central government employees working in international diplomacy. The aim of the Academy is to ensure that all central government employees can help raise the profile of the Kingdom of the Netherlands across government and around the world.

Sharing knowledge, building networks

Sharing knowledge and experience is a crucial part of ensuring the Kingdom is optimally represented in an international context. Sharing knowledge is a way of increasing it. That’s why the Academy is inviting interested parties to share their knowledge and experience and put others’ knowledge to good use.