Learning organisation

BZ is an organisation where staff learn throughout their careers, in every role, anywhere in the world. This will keep our organisation agile, flexible and competent, even in turbulent times.

BZ actively pursues a learning culture that focuses on lifelong learning and development. Learning is firmly embedded in everyday working practice at BZ. In a learning organisation, staff members are more productive, have more pleasure in their work, acquire greater ownership of their learning and development processes, and are more flexible and better equipped to cope with change. This enables them to stay ahead of the game.

The Academy plays three roles in this:

  • As a provider of learning activities
  • As a platform for connecting people and their networks
  • As a compass for charting learning needs within the organisation

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Learning activities

The Academy supports central government staff with an international role to develop the required expertise and skills to do their work to the best of their ability – now and in the future. We provide relevant, up-to-date learning activities that are geared to the future and tie in closely with the organisation’s strategic goals and learning needs and with long-term developments.

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